Thursday, January 26, 2012

What is Killtown's Secret Archive?

Killtown's Secret Archive, aka KSA,

was a blog run by a group of anonymous persons to record the activities of an online troll known as Killtown.  Very annoying troll:

 Killtown would make up lies about anyone as long as there was a conspiracy involved

Carmen Taylor

Gary Welz

Mike Hezerakhani

Mark Humphrey

Val McClatchey

When Killtown wasn't battling his copyright infringment addiction

he was running a forum where he let members publish lies and death threats with his approval

Killtown even allowed users to publish homemade porn

Killtown was very open minded.  So open minded he welcomed friends like Ozzybinoswald

who had a habit of slipping images of underage girls in his titillating videos

 After members demanded answers

Ozzybinoswald's videos started disappearing

But not before Ozzy started stalking people's children

Killtown still pretended not to know about any of this

One day Killtown's entire  forum disappeared

Killtown decide this was everyone's fault except his own and particularly wanted to blame Genghis6199 and Jenny Sparks

Eventually someone dropped that "Killtown" was a loser named Craig Lazo

This made Killtown/Craig mad.  He tried to get other people to defend him but they mostly laughed

Almost two years later it became known some people tried to talk to Craig Lazo but he ignored them

Instead he asked his English friends, supposed hackers, Andrew Kelly aka Spiney and Mark Fisher aka logicfish, to help Lazo get Killtown's Secret Archive deleted.   They invented a cult cypher called WQ2RX that was supposed to be cool and intimidating

but actually made them all look like dorks.  Why Kelly and Fisher are going along with Lazo's bs no ones knows.  The best guess is Craig Lazo is blackmailing them, like he probably blackmailed his friend and former admin "Slick" into silence about how the forum really got deleted.

And that's where we are today.
Will Spineless stand up to Craig?
Will Logicfish see how far from logic they are?
Will Craig Lazo get a clue an move on?
Stay tuned!